The MREA's 33rd Annual Energy Fair

7558 Deer Rd, Custer, WI

The Energy Fair is the nation’s longest-running event of its kind, bringing together renewable energy and green living enthusiasts since 1990. Having evolved into a single-day, consumer-focused event, the Fair will be held on Saturday, June 22, 2024 at the MREA headquarters in Custer, WI and will host a competitive selection of workshops, demonstrations, exhibit booths, and the usual music and fun that has always been at the heart of the Fair.

Dive into an electrifying homage to a Minnesota music legend! This immersive experience honors the creativity, passion + innovation that defined a musical generation, and it celebrates a legacy that continues to inspire + captivate audiences worldwide. This unforgettable evening will be hosted by KFAN’s Maxx Fuller and will feature lively performances by Cassandra Cole, Jojo Green, Nur-D + Chase & Ovation, known as "the world’s premier Prince tribute band!" The iconic sound and artistry of Minneapolis speaks for itself. Nothing compares to this!