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Hip Hop Person

One of the fastest rising starts in Minnesota's music scene, Nur-D burst onto the stage in 2018 and has been making headlines ever since. Performing on stages alongside national acts like Ludacris, Migos, Logic, Tyler The Creator, and The Wu Tang Clan Nur-D is well on his way to becoming a house hold name.  Voted Best New MN Artist in 2019 (Citypages), Headlining The "Best New Bands" Show in 2020 (First Avenue), and being voted Best Live Concert 2021 (Citypages) AND Best MN Artist 2022 (Twin Cities Collective) Nur-D brings an explosion of energy every time he hits the stage. With five full length projects each with their own flair to his discography Nur-D has something special for any occasion. Wether you're going out on the town with "Take My Picture", wanting to get cost ,with a special someone with "Chi-Chi", or you cue up "38th" or "Chicago Avenue" to experience the range of emotions that birthed from the Minneapolis uprising in 2021, Nur-D has something for you. Nur-D is a breath of fresh air in the Hip Hop world and fans are feeling the same. Boasting a fervent fan base across the US and around the globe if you haven't heard the name Nur-D yet you certainly will soon. Imagine the soulful sounds of Bruno Mars or Childish Gambino, The powerful energy of Lizzo, the pop culture punchlines of an episode of "Community", all rolled up into a show that everyone can enjoy ala The Fresh Prince then you would be able to see why many people are calling Nur-D the next big thing out of Minnesota.