Trapped In My Room



Trapped In My Room

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2020 the world was asked to stay home, stay distant, and stay safe.

With studios shutting down left and right. Shows being canceled or postponed for the foreseeable future the music industry found itself in a sudden and violent stop as the venues and crowds closed their doors and contemplated what comes next.

Unlike "Mixtape 2: Electric Boogaloo" and "Songs About Stuff" was not recorded in a professional studio. With all of my shows gone I couldn't afford it. This new EP was written and recorded within the 4 walls of my bedroom. Bringing a unique chance for me to go back to the very roots of this Hip-Hop journey that has taken my voice around the globe.

An old beat up mic A laptop computer with barely any memory An old notepad teamed with a mechanical pencil. And absolutely no clue where my life is going.

This is more than just another EP from me. I can honestly say I have never made another body of work like this. I think that if you cracked my head open 7/10 this is what you would see inside. It's random, it's nostalgic, it's sometimes nonsensical, it's fun, it's hopefully, it's scared, it's strong, it'

I hope that wherever you are... If any of you are still out there.... You'll hear this body of work and feel something. I hope that in someway it will make you smile, vibe, think, laugh, or even breath just a little lighter.

This is my message in a bottle to the world.

I'm still here I'm still Nur-D

i'm just Trapped In My Room

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    Thwip 2:42
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    Grim 2:12
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    Strut 3:24
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